Exco Technologies Limited 2019 Annual Meeting Results

TORONTO, Jan. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exco Technologies Limited (TSX-XTC) announced voting results from its 2019 annual meeting of shareholders held on January 29, 2020. A total of 26,864,370 Common Shares or 66.84% of our issued and outstanding Common Shares, were voted in connection with the meeting. Shareholders voted by a show of hands in favour of each item of business. Based on proxies received prior to the meeting, each director nominee was elected by a substantial majority as follows:

Edward H. Kernaghan98.8%1.2%
Darren M. Kirk99.3%0.7%
Robert B. Magee95.3%4.7%
Colleen M. McMorrow99.6%0.4%
Paul E. Riganelli94.0%6.0%
Brian A. Robbins93.7%6.3%
Anne Marie Turnbull95.4%4.6%

Full results of the votes are included as Appendix A to this press release.

Exco Technologies Limited is a global supplier of innovative technologies servicing the die-cast, extrusion and automotive industries.  Through our 15 strategic locations in 7 countries, we employ approximately 5,400 people and service a diverse and broad customer base.

Source:Exco Technologies Limited (TSX-XTC)
Contact:Darren Kirk, President & Chief Executive Officer
Telephone:(905) 477-3065, Ext 7233

Appendix A


Resolution Votes For Votes Withheld/Against
  # % # %
Elect Edward H. Kernaghan as Director 26,314,616 98.80% 307,879 1.20%
Elect Darren M. Kirk as Director 26,449,064 99.30% 173,431 0.70%
Elect Robert B. Magee as Director 25,376,119 95.30% 1,246,376 4.70%
Elect Colleen M. McMorrow as Director 26,528,830 99.60% 93,665 0.40%
Elect Paul E. Riganelli as Director 25,023,963 94.00% 1,598,532 6.00%
Elect Brian A. Robbins as Director 24,946,619 93.70% 1,675,876 6.30%
Elect Anne Marie Turnbull as Director 25,391,690 95.40% 1,230,805 4.60%
Appointment of Ernst & Young, LLP as Auditors 25,599,775 95.30% 1,263,521 4.70%

(1) Based on proxies submitted
(2) 240,801 shares were not voted
(3) 26,864,370 shares (66.84%) were voted by proxy. 1,074 shares were voted in person at the meeting.