Die Cast & Extrusion segment

The Casting and Extrusion segment comprises three business units that design, develop and manufacture tooling and related products for the aluminum die-cast and extrusion industries. The group is the world’s largest independent provider of tooling for these markets, operating a total of 16 tooling plants in nine countries.


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Castool Tooling Solutions is a global tooling and equipment supplier to light metal extruders and die casters. Its modular, system-based products, unmatched expertise and ability to create customized solutions for individual clients are industry-leading, designed to dramatically increase overall efficiency through improved uptime and yields.

exco Engineering

Exco Engineering is a world leader in the design, build and development of large high-pressure die-cast moulds, primarily for powertrain and structural components in the automotive industry. In addition, through Exco Additive, the group is a world leader in the additive manufacturing of tool steel for die-casting applications.

ETS - Halex

Exco, together with Halex, is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of dies for aluminum extrusions in the Americas and Europe. Through the group’s ten locations in seven countries, ETS and Halex remain focused on delivering efficient, long-lasting and high-quality extrusion dies.

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