Mission, Vision, Values & Sustainability


We enhance the look and functionality of passenger vehicles and tool up light metal industries for superior performance.


To be the benchmark for innovation, efficiency and quality in the industries we serve.


Exco was founded on a commitment to excellence and a culture of entrepreneurship. We encourage continuance of these traits by providing incentives for our managers to grow their business and giving our employees the latitude to push the envelope on innovation. We are also mindful that sustainable operations require the benefits of diversity at all levels of our organizationa focus on all of our stakeholders, and above all, a safe and healthy work environment. Of course, we fully commit to conducting our business in an ethical, transparent and responsible way and wexpect the same from our business partners. We summarize these characteristics with our published values: 



We strive for all our employees to go home unharmed.



Our culture fosters idea generation and risk taking.

icon excellence


We set the standard for high quality craftsmanship.

icon integrity


We expect honesty and transparency in all our dealings.

icon accountability


We empower our people to make decisions and reward them accordingly.



We believe that a diverse workforce delivers the best results.

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Focused on a sustainable future through implementation of our ESG strategic priorities

Environmental Sustainability

Exco focuses on environmental sustainability by making responsible use of natural resources and eliminating/ reducing the negative impact of emissions, waste generation, energy and water consumption. In this regard, several of Exco’s businesses have achieved ISO 14001 certification, the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. More broadly, Exco remains focused on employing lean manufacturing principles across our operations to reduce and eliminate waste while also making substantial investments in new, energy efficient equipment. In order to minimize our environmental footprint, we also utilize recycled material and incorporate a material recycling process into our facilities, where possible. In one of our facilities this has brought waste down below 2%, diverting over 8,500,000 plastic bottles from landfills annually. Technological advancements are used to reduce our environmental footprint. Such examples include software to manage our energy consumption towards off-peak hours and the adoption of additive manufacturing, which significantly reduces the use of steel, energy and transportation costs. Exco’s operations are not major greenhouse gas emitters.

Several of the industries we serve also generally promote energy conservation.  In our Casting and Extrusion segment, our tools are used to shape lightweight metals for use in the automotive industry. Aluminum, magnesium and other similar metals are increasingly being used by global OEM’s to reduce the weight of vehicles in response to reduced Government emission requirements and to meet customer demands. In our Automotive Solutions segment, the products we produce are generally lighter in weight than the products they aim to displace. These attributes present significant growth opportunity for Exco while also providing the ability for the company to contribute to lower emissions generally.

Sustainable Operations require the benefits of diversity at all levels of our organization, a focus on all of our stakeholders, and above all, a safe and healthy work environment.