Exco Technologies Limited Publishes First Sustainability Report

TORONTO, Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exco Technologies Limited (TSX-XTC, OTCQX-EXCOF) today announced it has published its inaugural Sustainability Report. This milestone reflects our growing focus on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities, and facilitates a deepening dialogue with our stakeholders about these issues.

“The world is increasingly oriented towards a sustainable future and Exco is committed to doing its part,” said Darren Kirk, President and CEO of Exco. “Our businesses directly support the electric vehicle revolution and the global sustainability movement. This presents significant opportunities for Exco to grow profitably while making a strong and positive contribution to the world in the years ahead,” added Kirk.

As discussed in the report, our ESG strategic priorities are built upon our core values and are designed to ensure that Exco achieves its vision – to be the benchmark for innovation, quality and efficiency in the industries we serve. Looking at our business strategies through the ESG lens is critical to our success in a world where all of our stakeholders are concerned with issues of environmental and social sustainability.

In addition to evolving marketplace dynamics, the report describes our initiatives to protect the environment, support our people, give back to society, and ensure robust corporate governance structures.

We welcome an open dialogue on ESG issues. Our full sustainability report is available here: www.excocorp.com/leadership/sustainability

 Source: Exco Technologies Limited (TSX-XTC, OTCQX-EXCOF)
 Contact: Darren Kirk, President and Chief Executive Officer
 Telephone: (905) 477-3065 Ext. 7233
 Website: https://www.excocorp.com

About Exco Technologies Limited:

Exco Technologies Limited is a global supplier of innovative technologies servicing the die-cast, extrusion and automotive industries. Through our 16 strategic locations in 7 countries, we employ about 4,900 people and service a diverse and broad customer base.